Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Decorations

So last year for Christmas I was kinda a grouch and didn't want to decorate, but this year I have been more into the Christmas spirit.

This is our humble tree. We finally got a tree skirt, but we still need an angel or a star for the top of our tree. The ornaments are pretty sentimental. There is a gorgeous Lenox that we got for our first Christmas. Also there are a few that my mom and dad painted when they were first married, and there are a few that I made when I was little.

This is our darling advent calendar that my mom got us this year. The drawer opens and there are the cutest painted ornaments to hang on each day.

This is our nativity. My parents gave us part of it for Christmas last year, and we are hopefully getting more pieces for Christmas this year. I love it because it is the Willow Tree figures and we had already gotten a couple hugging for our wedding. (which if you look very closely, you can see on our mantle)

This last idea was mine. I decided that we needed some more decorations. So voila. I think it kinda breaks up the monotony of the lovely ivory paint in our house :-) Which if we could only paint...


Nichole said...

I love Willow Tree especially the Nativity...I am jealous because I would love to have one of my own...very cute decorations!! Merry Christmas :)