Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How I wish I had a camera

Last night after dropping my parents off after seeing a play at the Hale Center Theatre we were on our way home. As we drove past Churchill we saw a car in Churchill's parking lot "parking" Deciding that we weren't too old for fun, we drove into the parking lot and shined our brights on the car. A kid's head came popping up. Priceless. I think it was payback for all the times that I got caught, or the time that Madison and I got waterballooned (we were two girls, it's not like we were making out). Well I didn't have a camera. So sad. If only you could have seen the kids face. Who knows we probably saved them a trip to the bishop :-) jk. anyways I learned my lesson. The camera now goes everywhere with us.


Steph & Joe said...

Ha! That is really funny. Remember the night that I has having a hard time and we were at Churchill talking and that cop came to get us and then saw I was crying and asked for our ID's? Oh good times. Hope you have fun getting your nails done tomorrow... Sorry I cant. We cant have them in the IV room. I cant even wear my tragus earring. It has to go too.

Nichole said...

You guys are so funny that you stopped and shone your lights on them. I wish you had a camera too...I would have loved to see that!!