Monday, December 10, 2007


My cute teacher Bonnie Winterton when I went over to her house on Wednesday evening told me after I performed for her, that she was just stunned and that I had accomplished the impossible. And that I hadn't done it alone, heaven had helped me. She proceeded to give me an hour worth of motivational advice. I love her so much. She is truly my second grandma. The main thing that she told me was to be grateful and thankful. So for this post I just want to say thank you to my absolutely amazing friends. Two of them posted blogs about my recital that just brought me to tears. I am sure that I am not the best friend or wife in the world. I spend more time with the piano then I do them. The more I thought about my friendship with my friends the memories came flooding back. First Nicole. Where to even start... There was our I love Tysen yellow visors that we made, not to mention singing our little hearts out the window hoping he would hear? I can't quite remember... Then there was the time that we tried to repel out of her bedroom window. The long walks home from elementary. Carpool, and early morning seminary along with Nicole's usual breakfast...candy :-) I especially remembering feeling particularly embarrassed when my dad would put chains on our old white volvo to drive carpool. Then of course there was the time we pierced our ears at a young women activity. Who could forget cheer. I remember feeling like a taxi driver when I drove her and Madison around. I always loved the swim meets. And I still have Nicole's wrestling cheer memorized. I am still proud to say that I taught Nicole how to do a backbend. And today she can do standing back tucks. Wow! I still remember the day that I saw Nicole when she was first engaged up at the U, and I remember crying at her wedding luncheon when her dad got emotional about how she had changed her name when she moved to the cove and then she was changing it again. My most recent memory besides Steph's shower was how fun it was to talk to her all during graduation and catch up. I don't think I have ever met anyone that could talker faster than Nicole. She could say the 13th article of faith in like 3 seconds. Nads is catching up to her though! And Steph... Oh where to start. We always had fun together in cheer. But I think it was really Calculus that brought us together. For starters we took pictures during class. Seriously who does that? Cafe Rio wednesdays when we almost went back for seconds. The lovely mold of my teeth along with my tooth bleaching kit that she made me. Ah and banana face and the pvs :-) Our frolic in the sun shirts. Alden telling us that we were making him dummer. How we switched gum and I broke her jacket. Alden ripping the page out of his book. Sayes' squirting Laverna in the face. The good old times at blue boutique. The awards banquet to which this day I still hate hamburgers. Stalking and the snowman head on Kira's car. St. George and rescuing me from James. (thank you!!) Me sleeeping the whole drive down when you and Kira saw the whale in the road. The speeding ticket we got that I swear we were going way below the speed limit. The ugly girl and her noises...The three of us fitting in one bed. You cooking us a lovely halibut dinner. Oc nights. Making Valentine cookies need I say more? Our matching robes! Sitting in emissions plus and finding out you were pregnant. Having you be my escort at my wedding. The si seventh. Poppy. Graduation. cleaning up my house after being toilet papered. The monster in my basement freezer. Moulin Rouge. The tip at Fridays. Our teddy bears at the Calculus test. Our matching Nalgenes which if I see our Writing teacher ever again.... cup of noodles in my dorm. A puntcum? Dangerous Liasons. PF changs and getting my moms car stuck! Most recently being the victims of a hit and run! The one thing I love about Steph is that we think alike whether it is something mean about someone, or even when it comes to O chem!
I have the best friends in the whole world. I hope some of these memories brought a smile to their face like it did to mine when I thought about them. I love them so much! Thank you for making my life wonderful.


Steph said...

oh miss...i just giggled for about ten minutes. I just love our memories and what we have been through together. I too am so greatful to have a friend like you. Love you miss!

Nicole Jones said...

Wow! We sure have some fun (and funny!) memories! That was so fun to read through those, and there are so many more! When I brought ALL my new school clothes over to your house and we tried on all our clothes during a sleepover before 7th grade. Dying our hair with the Sun-In but it actually turned more orangey. All our YW outings of course, like playing the Gorilla game up at the Wellses cabin (I have the funniest pic of that!). When I "ran away from home" and went down the street to live with you... I told Steph that after the Christmas rush is over we should get together FOR REALS this time! I'm so glad to know you and be your friend! Love ya too!