Saturday, December 15, 2007

So for those of you that don't know, I used to have quotes that adorned the wall of my room. One day I decided that they looked dumb and so I took them down, but I sure did love them. I still have the poem called Aim High from 6th grade memorized. Well the day before my recital, I had been practicing in one of the vocal teachers rooms. She always has inspirational quotes. A couple of years ago I found a darling book called The Blue Day Book, that has cute pictures of animals that are having a Bad Hair Days etc. It's hard to explain. Well the day before my recital I found this amazing poem that brought me to tears (not that it took much the week or so before my recital.) It reminded me of how many times I had failed in trying to get to my recital, but I never gave up, and I finally did it. I just wanted to share the poem.

Our willingness to experience failure and make mistakes affects our ability to succeed.
If we stand on the sidelines without trying we may escape the heartache of defeat, but we'll never know the joy of accomplishment.
If we're willing to stumble and sometimes even fall, we'll learn to grow and become strong.
We all make mistakes; we all face setbacks and experience our share of sorrow.
But somehow, someway, we can decide not to give up.

Keep Trying!


todd said...

Missy, that's a great poem. I love you always - dad